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What Is Cat Grass?

Nibbling on grass is an all-natural habit for all felines. If you have an outside pussy-cat, most likely it's part of your feline's daily regimen. However if your cat invests all of its time inside your home (like a lot of residential pussy-cats), you may want to think about growing cat grass in your home.

Why Do Cats Consume Grass?

Study has actually not yet revealed why kitties consume grass, yet there are several concepts why. In the wild, cats consume grass after they have actually eaten their target. In lots of instances, the green blades cause the pussy-cat to throw up. This is nature's means of assisting the feline eliminate the parts of their target that are indigestible.

Also if your indoor cat has actually never captured a mouse or bird, she will naturally be attracted to cat grass. It's a behavioral instinct. Cat grass is likewise a form of fiber that aids cats either vomit hairballs or digest them by serving as a laxative.

An additional theory is that cats might consume grass for some trace elements as well as the vitamin A and vitamin D. Cat grass also consists of chlorophyll, which, before the exploration of antibiotics, was a treatment for pain, infection, ulcers, skin diseases, and also anemia. Grass additionally consists of folic acid, which assists with the production of hemoglobin, the healthy protein that moves oxygen into the blood to help feline's circulation. Plus, there's the benefit of breath cleaning chlorophyll.

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What is Cat Grass?

Not to be confused with catnip, which belongs to the mint family, cat grass is typically grown from rye, wheat, barley, oat seeds or a combination of these seeds. You will certainly locate a variety of cat grass kits at your neighborhood pet shop, which contains everything you need, consisting of seeds, dirt, as well as a potting container. All you'll need to supply is water and also sunshine. Within one week, your kitty will certainly have her actual own natural garden for safe, healthy nibbling.

Cat grass is much safer than outdoor yard grass which might have been chemically treated with pesticides. It likewise offers your pussy-cat a healthy option to munching on houseplants and flowers, several of which are poisonous to cats.

Is Cat Grass Safe?

Cat grass is a safe alternative to outdoor lawn, which can be treated with herbicide or other chemicals, and to particular houseplants, which can be hazardous. It supplies your kitty with a possibility to take part in an all-natural habit. For outside cats, an interior garden provides a healthy choice to munching on the next-door neighbors' perhaps pesticide-laced lawn. For interior pussy-cats, it offers a tasty taste of the outdoors.

How Do You Grow Cat Grass?

Your cat grass kit will likely feature easy-to-follow instructions, however here are some fundamental ideas for looking after and growing cat grass garden:

  • Prior to growing, seeds need to be maintained wet however never ever saturated. When sprouts appear, make use of less water.
  • Enable five to seven days for seeds to grow.
  • The grass will be prepared for your feline to eat when it has actually gotten to an elevation of four inches, and also will certainly last one to 3 weeks.
  • Continue to maintain it in all-natural light as well as water everyday with a spray bottle.
  • Do not over water, as this creates mold and mildew.
  • Permit your kitty to eat directly from the container.
  • When the grass begins to turn or shrivel color, plant a brand-new container.

If your cat invests all of its time indoors (like most domestic pussy-cats), you might desire to think about growing a larger cat grass garden in your house.


In the wild, felines consume grass after they have actually consumed their prey. Also if your interior kitty has never captured a computer mouse or bird, she will intuitively be interested in a cat grass garden. Another concept is that felines may eat grass for some trace minerals and also the vitamin A and vitamin D. Cat grass also contains chlorophyll, which, prior to the discovery of antibiotics, was a solution for pain, infection, ulcers, skin conditions, and also anemia. Cat grass is a safe choice to outside lawn, which can be treated with weed chemicals or other pesticides, as well as to certain houseplants, which can be poisonous.

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