About Us


Howdy there, my name is Chiller and I’m a rescue dog, thanks to my human mom, Melissa Reynolds. She gave me a forever home when I was just six months old. She is the greatest human any dog could ever have.

Let me tell you all about the humans that run Woofer Dudes. They know a thing or two about how dogs, or as my mom calls us, fur buddies, should be raised and cared for. They only review products that represent the best mix of fun, good quality and value for the money. Best of all, me and Max the cat get to test all of them because we are the official product testers. We even have fur buddy badges to prove it.

So, on behalf of Max and I, we would like to invite you to come to our site and check out all the great toys, treats and accessories. We even have human stuff. I’m sure your fur buddy will enjoy all the products as much as we did testing them.


Official Product Tester