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How Do Cats Show Affection?

It's frequently said that dogs are more caring than cats, however, that isn't necessarily the case. It's real that dogs have more specific ways of revealing their love-- with bounding body language and a big, slobbery tongue for kisses.

Cats have more subtle ways of making their affection known, and simply since they're naturally more understated, it doesn't imply the bond is any less strong.

If your family pet is frequently on the move while you're with them, take it as a subtle indication of how a cat shows affection! Often, when revealing affection cats use their body and tail as a kind of expression. It's a method of mingling fragrances and is the supreme gesture in how do cats show love.

This can, unfairly, seem as though they might naturally love their owners more than their feline pals. Nevertheless, while a cat will not wag their tail (unless they're upset), that doesn't indicate they do not feel love! Cats have more subtle methods of making their affection understood, and just because they're naturally more downplayed, does not indicate the bond is any less strong.

Discover more about how do cats reveal affection with this roundup of our all-time preferred feline gestures. It will have you purring with delight!


Your cat has the chance to reveal their love every time that you walk through the door. Family pets that hurry to the front door when it's opened, with a great deal of meowing are trying to state that they're happy to see you.

Biting and Pawing

Often it might feel like your cat is on the edge of being aggressive when they're in fact attempting to display love. Paddling or pawing isn't constantly the most pleasant gesture to receive as a human, but it's important to comprehend the context. Kittens 'knead' at their mothers when feeding to increase the supply of milk and so when utilized on owners, it's most definitely a gesture of love!

Similarly, although 'love bites' should not be motivated, these gentle nips are typically a sign of love instead of anything aggressive.


Cats are extremely sanitary animals that enjoy their grooming. Whether this is being comfortable enough with their owner to enable them to comb, fluff, or perhaps brush their teeth. Grooming sessions are some of the most extreme bonding experiences for cats. Never undervalue the power of the comb!

In between animals and in household groups, cats show affection with mutual grooming. Periodically, cats will likewise extend this to human beings by using their tongue to lick them as they would their own fur. It's a way of mingling fragrances and is the ultimate gesture in how do cats reveal love.

Eye Contact

Eye contact can be daunting. It's difficult to read and the meaning is entirely different between types. Whilst you may have heard never to make eye contact with a gorilla because it's an indication of aggressiveness, there are other animals that utilize staring as a method of showing love. Eyes are the window to the soul!

Eye contact is a big factor in how do cats reveal love. Whilst a long, remaining, unblinking look may not look like the friendliest of gestures to a human, you have to think of it from a cat's point of view. Cats only make eye contact with individuals they like and are even understood to make 'eye kisses'! This is when a cat will stare with half-closed eyelids and gradually blink, repeatedly. It's a gesture that can be reciprocated, so if you notice your cat giving you a 'kiss', why not provide one in return?

Body Language

Body language and more specifically, tail language, is extremely crucial when thinking about how do cats show love.

You can inform a lot from the method in which a cat is holding their tail. Typically, when showing affection cats use their body and tail as a form of expression. Sometimes by winding their method through your legs, and even simply by sitting close enough so that their tail touches you when they swing it. An extremely delighted cat tail position is upright, with a minor curve at the top, which suggests that they are glad to see you!

Similarly, if a cat feels comfortable enough to offer up their stubborn belly for a rub, this is the ultimate indication of trust and affection.

Meandering Around Your Home

You might observe that your cat is more inclined to roam around when you're at house; they may relax in a different part of the house, or simply meander from room to space. Some owners take this as a sign of disinterest and believe that their cat does not care whether they're in the house together, or if they're left alone.

But nothing could be even more from the reality! When they feel unwinded and comfy in an individual's existence, cats are more most likely to explore and connect with their environment. So if your family pet is typically on the move while you're with them, take it as a subtle sign of how a cat shows love! The message here is that they are more comfy in your existence.

Cheek Head-Butts and Rubs

Headbutting and cheek rubbing are both social habits that are found out and expressed throughout kitten-hood. Both are methods which cats build bonds and affection with other animals and by extension, with the human beings they do it too. Cats have scent glands that they utilize to leave their fragrance on things and people they declare as theirs. Find out more about cat scent glands.

Cats have an exceptionally advanced sense of odor and when they like another animal, effort to both mark and mingle fragrances with them. Headbutting and cheek rubbing is a reliable method for them to do so-- and to state 'I like you!'

How do cats show love? It's always different! Although there are numerous indications and common habits for feline affection, there is no better way to tell that a cat is making a gesture of love than by establishing a strong, private bond with your pet.


While cats can't say 'I enjoy you', they can use what vocalization is offered to them to help to communicate their love.

Purring is typically used as a sign of satisfaction and satisfaction. This is frequently expressed throughout close contacts, such as grooming or rubbing, but purring isn't just about your cat having a satisfying experience. They are letting you know through vocalization, how much they are enjoying their bonding time. Whilst there might be an aspect of 'please do not stop!' in that purring, they're likewise saying 'I like you!'

There are lots of indications and common habits for feline affection, there is no better way to tell that a cat is making a gesture of love than by establishing a strong, private bond with your family pet.

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