June 8

Cats Sleep Position Mean?

Cat sleeping positions are amusing, sure ... but is your cat attempting to show you something more?

Simply like your preference for yellow t-shirts and quick automobiles speaks volumes about your personality without you having to say a word, your cat's taking a snooze design is about more than simply getting some rest. Here are five common cat sleeping positions and what they might tell us about our cats-- and ourselves.

What Your Cat's Sleeping Position Is Saying To You

1.  Incognito Cat Sleeping Position

What it means: "Please stop playing with my toes while I'm asleep."

There are couple of things more irresistible that a sleeping cat. Not just are they at their hottest and cuddliest, their tummies are likewise totally vulnerable to unscripted motorboating. It's basically prime-time television for surreptitious snuggles. However similar to people, cats have a breaking point.

When my cats cover their furry confront with their little jellybean toes while they're asleep, they're attempting to lock out the world-- whether it's the lamplight or my repeated declarations that I'm going to skin them alive and eat them (which actually implies I love them, discussed in depth here). It is the equivalent of the method people feel after a nine-hour day at the business cube farm. If kitty might hide under the bedsheets and consume a full bottle of red wine, she probably would.

cat on keyboard

Photo by Patataj Patataj

2.  Stomach Up Sleeping Position

What it means: "I trust you completely."

A cat's tummy is one of his most susceptible areas, one that he instinctually desires to safeguard. Offered the chance to rub a cat's stubborn belly, it's finest to continue with caution.

When my cats fall asleep with their floofy, identified stubborn bellies exposed and their legs awry, I try to leave them alone-- for as long as I can stand it, a minimum of. They trust me, and I don't want to abuse that trust.

cat sleeping on back

Photo by Jim Black

3.  Cuddle Puddle Sleeping Position

What it means: "We like each other more than we enjoy you."

I'm exceptionally grateful that my cats are BFFs and that they enjoy each other so much-- except for those times when they're shrieking and attempting to rip each other's fur out, but whatevs. I work from house, suggesting my "office" is just 10 feet from some offensively cute nap-time antics.

Photo by Richard Mcall

They understand I discover these display screens of feline affection overwhelming because I regularly show them to stop, like seriously, today, before I murder them with hugs. Therefore I can just conclude that they enjoy each other more than they love me. At least this makes me feel less guilty for locking them out of the bedroom in the evening.

4.  Sleeping on Your Dirty Clothes

What it means: "I desire you to think I like you, however I'm actually just gross."

The stink of stagnant cigarettes and beer takes me back to the basement of my preferred bar in 2005, the sweet tang of mulberries transportations me to my grandma's backyard in the early '90s, the relaxing fragrances of eucalyptus and spearmint makes me long for my solo trip up the Pacific Coast Highway. Reasoning determines that my cats desire to sleep facedown in piles of my unclean clothing due to the fact that my BO induces sweet memories of that time they extended out on my keyboard and mistakenly typed "a; a; wlekgnrgb; djklgn v" in the middle of an email that I then sent out without checking.

Well, possibly. However thanks to the vomeronasal organ, which is situated in the roofing of a cat's mouth and allows her to taste smells, I think it's most likely that my cats are simply gross.

5.  Synchronized Sleeping Position

What it means: "We have rewarding abilities however we're too lazy to do anything about it."

I'm persuaded my cats have abundant past lives, which are swarming with more mystery, intrigue, and experience than I will ever understand. I feel that my cats have abilities, a few of which are probably quite remarkable; trouble is, they're too lazy to do anything about it. Synchronized sleeping offers my cats the opportunity to flaunt without expending excessive effort.

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